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Eastern Raider Games website (and 1st PDF downloadable)is up

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I trust your experience guys. Please tell your opinion about what you find at the link. It is a downloadable/printable PDF board game with a bundled small Win32 game. (as a free bonus)

I know some weaknesses, but probably you will point it even more.

For example, for a PDF printable game it is hard to give a demo version.
There is a demo version though but with the original author's (the game designer's) art. What is mostly clipart, and that is only the 2 players version. What is a value in a PDF downloadable, I think, archive that's the imagery.

Besides, I haven't wrote (yet) system requirements for the PDF game. (Adobe Reader 5.0), I'll do that soon.


What else?

I am curious of your opinions about nearly every area. Images, art, website design.

I do thank you in advance!

The link ->

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Eastern Raider Games website (and 1st PDF downloadable)is up

I just took a quick look, and it seems really nicely put together! :-) Congrats on the nice looking website and 2 nice looking downloads.

I did not d/l or test out the computer game, but I did take a look at the board game PDF ... I like it! It looks like a nearly-abstract game with some interesting choices and a funny theme. I liked the touch of humor in the written rules (especially the joke about weeing on the cat).

You seem to have made a nice balance in releasing a "demo" version of a PDF ... you have a game that allows itself to be be partially given out, with areas that could be improved by giving higher-level graphics and adding 2 more players.

So ... nice job. :-)

And, btw, your English language rules are very clearly written out. I assume that English isn't your original language -- did you have a native English-speaker double check the rules for you at some point?


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Joined: 02/18/2009
Eastern Raider Games website (and 1st PDF downloadable)is up


I wish I would speak that clear english, but it is not so.
The designer, the author of the game Simon Spearing has written the rules!
Its his humour, and his clear english (from the UK). :)

Mine is the website design/art and marketing "dept". :)

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