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Can help us to sell our new game?

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Can help us to sell our new game?

Well, it just an idea.
They could set up the paypal, earn some commission from our new game, and they could have some revenue to continue the forum. Win-win-win situation.
We are QQchess over here. QQ stand for Quad Quest. It is new design chess for 2,3 & 4 players. Both international or Chinese chess players can play together. Since we create 3000 copies, we estimate 300 free copies are going to be sending out to investors, retailers, business partners. That's mean 10% for marketing purpose. and we try to low down the price as we can to penetrate the market.

Since we created and manufactured a certain amount of board game set. We need the network to distirbute our games. We hope could give some idea how to gain advantage among creater, bdgf and buyers.

set up a trading area? Customers pay thru network? and publish our new games among gamers or game developers. What do you guys think? Just a suggestion, hope to get some feedback.

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Can help us to sell our new game?

(I speak for myself)

What you are asking and proposing is interesting. It has its ups BUT

- We know nothing about your game
- We know nothing about you (you never participated in this community)
- I don't think bgdf is the right channel for distributing games. It should be a separate site. The idea of a separate site for publishing/distributing indie games (created by BGDF members) is brought up every 5 months.
- I don't think bgdf is a good marketing channel (BoardGameGeek would be tons better)
- I don't play chess and I think most members here have no interest in chess or chess variants.

I'm pretty open and you could convince me of taking a look at your game with pictures, the rules and designer notes / analysis of game mechanics.

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Re: Can help us to sell our new game?

QQchess wrote:
Can help us to sell our new game?

The short answer is no. But I agree with pretty much everything Hpox had to say. In the future we may accept advertising, but that's the extent that I'd be willing to do.


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