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Game Trays for Opoly games

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I've done a pretty good search on this forum for game trays and have found one thread and while it had some good suggestions, none of those really panned out. The one link would do the job after thousands of dollars to set them up. Good Grief.

I'm having a hard time believing that this isn't an issue for all but a few other people. I'm also surprised that few, if anyone, uses game trays or has any info about.

They really make Opoly games much more professional looking.

What I would like to find is someone who already has the tray design for an Opoly game and then pay them for ordering more from their source.

I do not need anything fancy. Late for the Sky has a simple tray. I'm sure there are others that also use trays in their games.

(Wouldn't it be a good idea for several of the opoly manufactuers to get together and buy this stuff in bulk and then split it between them?

I mean if there were 5 opoly gamers who each needed 5000 game trays made up then why not get 25000 made at at substantially reduced rate and then split it up the cost? Same goes for boards and boxes. I can tell you that if the games are the same size, then the boards and the boxes can be run at once. They have to be printed separately, but they can be run on the labeling machines and box making machines at the same time. This would save a couple dollars per game. For instance if it costs two dollars per board at a run of 2000 then it will cost much less (maybe $1.40 each). Same goes for the boxes. Same goes for the playing pieces etc. etc.)

Anyway I have two games waiting to go. I am holding up everything until I find game trays. Then I will size everything to that. If they are 9.5"x 19.5" then my boards for both games will be 20"x20" single fold and the boxes will be sized accordingly.

I have spent a long time trying to find trays... a looooong time. If anyone can direct me to someone who already has trays made up that would be a huge help. Otherwise, I guess I'll have to get them done in cardboard.

Please, if you have any lead or information I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

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