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Gamesplay UK - Feedback wanted.

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Gamesplay UK - Feedback wanted.

I'll ask Rene's question more overtly. I'm 90% convinced that GamesPlayUK is not a reputable business; I believe that they are a scam that lures in designers with encouraging comments about the designers' games and then convinces the designer to pay ridiculous costs to produce a prototype. I'd be very interested if someone could refute this by showing a single success story for GamesPlayUK where they did actually get a game published by a "real" publisher, and/or a case where they told a designer his game was not good enough for their standards. In my opinion, buyer beware with this company.


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Gamesplay UK - Feedback wanted.

Before I got invited for a meeting with them I had had three previous game ideas turned down by them. They said the games were good but not for their target market.

It was only on my fourth game did they show any real interest. It was this that made me think they were not just out to grab money from unsuspecting game designers.

It was their some what amateur performance that concerned me. I was repeatedly told they had not looked at one of my submissions because they had been busy at trade shows. After months of nothing I called again and got someone else who said they had sent a letter requesting a meeting 3 months earlier. It is possible it got lost in the post as I have had other items from other people going missing also. What did trouble me was that I had called several times since the proposed meeting date and been told the too busy story.

Another indication to an unprofessional operation was that any letters I did receive had never been anywhere near a proof reader.

My final concern was the contract they sent me. It too had never been near a proof reader and it had holes in it that you could drive a bus through. Some of the flaws in the contract would have put them at a disadvantage should the document ever be used in court.

In regards to the search for something they have released, they gave me a game they had done which had been released in the US called Obscurity (copyright 2005). I have looked on the internet and not been able to find any mention of this game.

I hope this is of some help in trying to establish if they are a help or risk to us.

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Gamesplay UK - Feedback wanted.

I contacted Gamesplay UK several years ago about a project of mine, enclosing a picture of the project displayed on a polished mahogany table. They said they were interested to show it on their site but, for presentation purposes, asked me to take further pictures using a green baize base.

I can’t remember for sure, but I think this request was communicated by hard copy. In the letter they suggested that I cover the table with green beige (sic) and take more pitchers (sic).

I told them that I would not be taking things further.

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I was offered a 1000 print run of a game for £2000 with 50% of the profits, we still said no.

The question is whether u are a designer or publisher. We are designers and believe our ideas carry enough weight to run the risk of a publisher running with them. If not, why would we run with them?

Find a decent publisher or agent. There are a lot, and most will only represent if they think your product is strong.. and in doing so usually do a lot of the work for you - as it is in their interest too.


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