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Getting your game reviewed

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Once you have produced your game and released it to market you are going to want it exposed to as many people as possible. Can anyone give a list of good places to submit your game for review and what market those reviewers will speak to. The longer the list the better.

Getting your game reviewed

Frankly, I don't even have a good list. The correct answer is, "every darn magazine that prospective purchasers of your game might read."... but there's a Catch-22...
IF you are not an established company as yet, the odds of your actually getting reviews are pretty slim, although not impossible. Getting the reviews in the mags BEFORE release is an excellent (read as 'the right') idea... but doing so before your company makes an official entrance to the market can be problematic.

YOU CAN always get a friend that writes to post a review on even if its not an rpg.


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