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Idea to produce and market my game

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My game is complete and I have followed the steps that has recommended (design, playtest, blind playtest, etc..) and now I'm in the process of getting quotes from different companies.

With the average price of games being between $5.50 a game (3000 min) from China, I am figuring the cost breakdown of my game:

I am not including the advertising, prototype cost, trademark, or any other expenses for putting the game together. Instead I have decided take the wrap for all those expenses so it comes out of my pocket. Therefore, the cost for the production alone for my game is $16,500.00.

The people who I blind tested the game with are SOLD that the game will sell well in the Muslim Community (since they only have 2 board games out there in the last 10 years). Why? Well one reason is that there is "no copyright" laws in many of the middle east countries so the latest PC games are sold for only a few bucks in the middle east stores. Why would anyone touch a $20,000+ business when there are so many other opportunities (PC games) that can easily be copied and distributed. This is one of the reasons I like board games because they are much harder to copy than a CD and your idea has a little protection. I doubt anyone is going to go through the trouble of making 3,000 games in China and do all the work I did. In the states, I will be protected with Trademark and all the other stuff I'm getting but in the middle east, the dollar is strong against foreign currency, which makes it more difficult for people to spend so much money to rip you off.

Anyways, I have notified my "investors" that I am not selling the rights or the design work of my game. Yes, I will NOT be receiving any money for it. Instead I am coming in as an investor (4k) and plan to do a lot of the work to market and sell the game. I would love to find a Muslim distributor but I have searched and searched...but found nothing.

I broke it the profits down to 50% goes to the Marketing/Sales Team and 50% Investor Team. The Marketing team will do all the leg work to sell the game (but will not be required to invest anything) and the Investor Team will only invest (play the role of the silent investor) and will not be required to do any work. Everyone knows each other for many years so it makes this process a little bit easier.

The idea is that if those involved are convinced that we can sell the game (I know we are going against the odds), then there is a profit to be made. I don't take in too much profit but in exchange, I get my game out there with the assistance of others money and legwork. Its a win-win situation (as long as everyone does there part)

My question is: Have you guys been in a similar situation and did it work or fail on you?

Thanks in advance


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