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Interview PLZ!!

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Im a highschool student and i have to do a project on my dream job, which is a game designer. Ive tried for 3 days searching and searching for a way to reach a professional game designer, and i think this is it. So if a professional game designer could please please please have an interview with me, all im asking is simple ?s such as: wat are the hardest parts of your job, wat is your typical day like, etc. If you could please send me an email or im me, and take about ten minutes out of your day to help me, it would be greatly appreciated.

AIM = AnimeArtist593

YahooMail =

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Interview PLZ!!

Are you referring to videogame design? If so, note that the top-left corner of this page and every page in the site is "Board," as in board game.

If you're actually referring to board games -- cardboard and such -- then I'm sure we can set you up with someone. Please clarify first. It would suprise me (though not stun me) to learn that there are high school students whose dream job it is to design board games.

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