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introduce some board games

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Dear friends
I’m a new member of board game design community. I want to design a board game. I’m so serious and I really need your help.
At first I have some ideas about my game but I want to know more about the similar games.
During my game competitors will learn about disasters. They build a city and they must take measures to risk reduction and disaster mitigation.
At this time, please introduce me some similar board games that people make city and sometimes a disaster happens.

Many thanks
Ali reza batoei

Joined: 08/03/2008
introduce some board games

Welcome to the forum, and to the hobby! Your instinct to look for other games is a good one. Your best starting place is, which is a huge database of just about every game ever published. There have been tons of city-building games published, and you can search by category to find them. One game that may have some similarities to what your'e trying to do is Pompeii, but there may be others.

Good luck!


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