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Looking for self-publishers to interview

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I'm writing an article for the American newsstand magazine Knucklebones about game designers who have published their own games. In addition to profiling the experiences of various creators (both positive and negative), the article will include advice for hopeful game designers on what they should and shouldn't do to bring their game to market.

Anyone who has self-published a game and is interested in participating in the article can contact me offlist at eric at twowriters dot net. My deadline for the article is August 20, so I'll need to conduct interviews by August 15.

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Sure, I'm in!

Sure, I'll be happy to help out. Drop me a line (pat at

I'm out of the office the first week in August, though, so we'll have to do it sooner rather than later.

- Patrick Matthews
Live Oak Games

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Looking for self-publishers to interview

Eric, I sent a note to the address you gave. I'm not sure if it went through. If it didn't, you can certainly give me a buzz too if you like. Direct email is chip at bigetoys dot com.


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