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Market Sizes

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Hello people, first post... Liking the site...

I'm currently working on a business plan for a new games company / game that we've been working on for the last couple of years.

This seems to be a regular question on these forums, but I've yet to find a good answer... Anyone know of some good figures for the market sizes for board games in the UK, Europe and U.S?

I've seen this page...
... Anything else out there?

Many thanks,

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Market Sizes

The best way that I've found to come up with this kind of data (without spending hundreds of dollars on reports from market research companies) is to look at the free executive summaries of these reports. For example, a Google search provided this site:

This provides several nice nuggets of information. From these you can use some deductive reasoning to approximate additional information. For example, by using the stated annual industry growth rate and applying that to the industry size in 2003 you can get a rough approximation of the 2005 size. Or, use the fact that the top five US toy companies own about 40% of the market. Check out the 10K filings (annual reports) for these compnaies to see what their revenues are from sales. Add them up. This should be about 40% of the total market size for the US. After doing this a few times, you will get some numbers that provide a pretty good range that will be about as accurate as what you'd get if you bought one of those $1000 industry reports. Certainly good enough for a business plan.

Also, while you are looking at some toy and game company 10K reports, they may flat out tell you what they believe the market size is, or what their market share is. Since the big boys often do buy those $1000 reports (or spend a bunch of money to come up with their own numbers), let them do your research for you.


Market Sizes

Just a thought on it but watch businesswire and newswire releases for the stockmarket. In the promotions or publications of activities of companies especially true on the pink sheet market and OTCBB they do announcements of what they are doing for shareholders benfits and attract new money inot investing in their companies. These companies post in their releases the market size especially true for pumps and dumps of stock manipulators. Email or ask promotional companies on attactive game copanies and market sizes as well. these guys get paid to promote stocks and if it is one of theirs which they will push ask the market size and they will give you an inflated but a realistic view number to work from.

Market Sizes

Thanks for the pointers, some good ideas there...

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