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Is my game too similar?

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I have a game company interested in my game idea and I'm planning to soon send them a protype. I have recently discovered a game with a similar theme/general concept, but completely different game mechanics. ALso the first two words of the game title are the same. The theme/concept of the game is nothing brilliantly unique. Anyone could have thought of it. Do I need to be concerned about this? Should I submit the game and make the company aware of the other game I've found? (I don't believe this other game was popular when it came out, but I saw a note saying it will be re-released soon and was bought by a major game company.) Thanks for any advice.

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Is my game too similar?

Congrats on getting a prototype requested! I'd make sure to tell them about it upfront, I think it would look better then having them ask you about it after the fact. And themes/concepts are commonly changed by publishers to suit their preferences, so I don't think it would be a big problem. Good luck!

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