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Trivial Pursuit Marketing Strategies

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First off, just a quick complement to the site. It's proven very useful.

I am working on marketing for a new game directed towards young adults between 18-29years. I've heard rumours that Trivial Pursuit and Dungeons and Dragons both launched on college campuses, but can't seem to find any documentation about it. Does anyone have any information that might help?


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Trivial Pursuit Marketing Strategies

Reading the histories of these two games, it doesn't appear that either were "launched" on a college campus, nor does it look as though college students were an overly significant portion of the very first customers.

I'm basing this on the case studies in the book "The Game Inventors Guidebook" by Brian Tinsman. But if you Google the names of these games with keywords like "history", you'll find pretty much the same stuff.

However, there have been several now successful games that were originally designed by college students, e.g. TriBond.

There have almost certainly been other games that have initially sold to mainly college students (even ignoring drinking games). If the game theme suggests college students would likely be engaged by it, then there doesn't seem to be any reason not to pursue that market segment off the bat.

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I remember seeing a Trivial Pursuit ad in Omni magazine which is not published any more and it said due to pupular demand there is a delay in sending out copies.

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