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use of old art in game design

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I am designing a game an would like to know about using existing artwork in the game. For example, say the backs of the game cards, I would like to use pictures somthing like this(ship pictures)-

Most of the pictures I have run across do not have any author to them, and no info. What problems will I encounter and what suggestions would you give ?
More examples would be the art on "the last crusade" card game or "history of war" card game.

use of old art in game design

This topic has been covered elsewhere with regards to use of art for games (try the search option).

I will say that there are older images that fall into the public domain area (which ones will depend on where you live and where you intend to sell your game). However, in the US, even if an image is in the public domain, the representation of that image in any form is usually protected by copyright. That means that if someone takes a picture of a piece of art that is in the public domain (let's say the Mona Lisa) and publishes it, you can't use their picture in your game. You would need to take your own picture, or find pictures that are royalty free.

Of course, if your images are strictly for a prototype, there are certainly fewer restrictions (so long as you're not publishing and selling images that are copyright protected).

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