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What is a good model copier?

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Hi, I'm a newbie.

For years I have been making rough, protype games -- board and card games. Now, I'm ready for the next step and would like to be able to manufacture my own card games.

Once before I used an outside manufacturer to help work out the kinks in one of my games and I believe I was mislead. The year was '90 (I believe) and I signed one-year confidentiality forms and gave them $500 and my idea -- which had a rule book that was copywritten. Little did I know that this was ONLY phase I and that a phase II, III, and IV existed which cost more money. At the time, I could not afford to pay the money and about a year later, what I consider my game (with a few minor changes) was on the market -- under the new title of "True Colors."

Well, anyway, I would like to print my own card games and I was looking at the idea of printing and packaging them myself. I know it will be expensive, but that is of little concern -- I'm worried more about protecting myself. Therefore, I need a good copier. What type of copier should I use?

I was told that I would at least need a COLOR LASER COPIER with a Raster Image Processor that could print up to an 11X17 card stock on both sides......

Would this be adequate?

And, if so, what would be some good brands/models to choose from?

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What is a good model copier?

It's all up to the quality you're looking for, but for professional quality you'll need to use offset printing, probably special card stock (which has an internal black layer to avoid traslucency), and diecutting, not a laser copier, a metal ruler and an x-acto knife.

Commercial printing implies longer print runs, but give better quality and a lower cost per copy. For small runs you might work with digital offset, but laser isn't really the best option for commercial production of cards.

I guess your best choice would be to self publish, but leave print production (and cutting, boxing, wrapping, etc). in the hands of a printing company. You'll not giving up your rights over the game, just hiring someone else's production services.


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