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What is the next step?

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Quick Background,

Over a year ago I created a card game that I eventually produced a protype of. I play tested it for months and everybody loved it! Not just my freinds.

After about 3 months and about a 50 - 1 positive result I went ahead and had 3,000 decks made by print masters of India. They look awesome. As a matter of fact I have gone with the finished product to a series of gatherings and have sat there and sold $100's of dollars worth in just over an hour. Everyone I have shown it too has been so impressed they have asked me if I have a partner.

Sounds good so far right?

I now have decided to try and broaden my horizons and get the game in to shops. It has had such a huge hit on my target audience that i thought I ought to get it on the shelves now. I started hoofing it on my own. I went to 3 different cities and left around 300 decks at 300 shops.

Only 1 has called to order some!


What am I missing? How in translation from direct sale to commercial am I missing the boat here? Should I go through a ditributor as opposed to me doing it myself?

I Have sold around 400 decks and given away another 400. Leaving me with just about 2,000 units left.

Please help. I am not what the next step is.

Thanks all.


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What is the next step?

I would say it is because you didn't take the time and money necessary to market your game. From what you said, it appears that everyone that has seen the game being played likes it enough to buy it. However, this does not equate to a commerical success, because someone walking into a retail store is highly unlikely to buy your game just by looking at the outside of the box.

I am not an expert in retail sales, but I would imagine listing your game on online board game sites (such as boardgamegeek), board game magazines (Games International, Games Quarterly, etc), or creating your own website of the game with a description of the game and tutorials would improve your sales.

Good luck!


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What is the next step?

I think Markmist has some good ideas. Listen to him.

Also, you'll need a website. Everything needs a website. It's a great place to promote your game.

What's your game about? I'm a huge fan of card games and would greatly enjoy hearing about it.

On a different note, I think card games are better than board games - bohyah!


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What is the next step?

I'm not an expert at all, but what you could do is try and contact some gatherings and conventions to promote your game. Most shops don't really care about what they think is a good game; they need a theme that will sell, a name that will sell or anything else that helps them make money. Easiest thing is to get your name out in the world is indeed by creating a web site and have an opportunity to order your games on-line[b] that way you reach even more people, and you can ask the price you want. If that price is not too high, I might even order it, as soon as I know what it's about.

Well, so much for me, I'm not an expert, but I hope I helped.


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