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Whats the best case scenario?

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I think we all hope to one day create a game that is considered a "hit" by the game board industry; but what number of sales would you need to reach to make that mark? For instance, if I was selling a boxed game for $20 or $30 would sales of 5,000 in a year be considered good by the industry? Is there a magic number for the board game market to reach a point of becoming a staple. What about even a radar blip?

Thanks for your opinion.

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Whats the best case scenario?

It’s a matter of scale. When you say the industry your talking about big and small companies. For a giant like Hasbro 5,000 in a year is not on the radar at all. For a small company that 5K would be wonderful, many first runs are not that large. It’s about the market it is going into, a game in the hobby market that sells $5,000 a year is doing well but is not the hot game of the year. I am not sure what it takes to make a game a staple but if you look at the games that come to mind in the specialty market they have sold 100,000 + over their life. It takes time for a game to become known and loved by a wide audience.

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