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Who can manufacture high quality plastic components ?

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I hope anyone at this forum are able to help me.

We are in the middle of a process of creating a boardgame.
We are right now working on the graphics, but we also need many different plastic components.

We are looking for a manufacturer that can develope high-class small plastic components.

Eagle Games have excellent quality on their plastic components, and our ambition is to be on the same level as them.

I would guess that there would be numerous companies in Asia that could help us out here.

We would be very grateful if anyone could help us.

If you have any tips, send us links to their website

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Check the game bit section of the web resources page.


There are a lot of links there. If you might be able to use preexisting pieces, some folks here have had good experiences with the company Plastic for Games. I'm not sure if they manufacture custom pieces.

Good luck!

Who can manufacture high quality plastic components ?

We use RollCo in Brainerd, MN. ...but you need to buy some reasonably large quantities. For small quantities, try dollar stores and (believe it or not) party supply stores.

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