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Design Challenge games taken the distance?

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So there are lots of games that have been suggested here in the competition.

How many of them have gone on beyond this stage, into prototyping, playtesting and beyond?

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Design Challenge games taken the distance?

I have already taken my own entry for this month and developed it much further than the initial submission... Submitting these in a hurry and to a word-count sometimes means that things are left incomplete or unexplained... I am building a playable proto right now this minute, actually.

I know that many of the designers here have taken their GDS Games well beyond the GDS itself, but I'll let them pipe up themselves.


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Design Challenge games taken the distance?

I've built playable prototypes with different degrees of "nicelookingness" of several of my GDS entries: Hot-Rod Mania, Earthling Snatching Spree, Winter Flickathlon, In the Woods for Love, and the current one.

But I'm pretty lazy when it comes to playtesting and fine tuning, so the games are usually played only once or twice with my wife and/or daughter. Given that it's usually more fun to work on new projects, developement of the prototyped ones is usually left for later.

I have many ideas to fix broken areas of ESS, but haven't found the time to try'em.

We played several games of the Flickathlon with the submitted rules and it is reasonably fun, specially the shooting stages, but I have not much interest in further developement of that one (though I have an idea about a strategy, card-based sky race to substitute the flicking, and that might use the shooting from WF).

We played a 3 player game of ITWFL and it went amazingly well, though It showed that a 4-player game would probably be better, and the idea of a 2 teams variant seems to be potentially great, but you know how ideas might seem great in the drawing board but turn out not so fun in practice. I haven't had the chance to test ITWFL with 4 players, but it's likely to have a chance in the near future.

I built a prototype and did some solo playtesting of the current entry, before submitting it, that led to several changes, mostly fo balance and streamlining. From that solo playtesting I asume that the game is at least playable, and probably even enjoyable, but still haven't had the chance to test it. :-)

One interesting note I should add: all my non GDS game ideas are, so far, just that. No prototypes and, obviously, no playtesting af any. Except for my first Tennis game, which I prototyped and playtested solo and with my daughter. It was playable and the strategic side of it worked pretty much as expected, but was so painstakingly slow that I decided to stop developing it. I'm now working on a card based Tennis game, but it's still in an early stage, so I haven't yet built a prototype.


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