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GDS Challenges using existing game systems?

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Do you think it would be enjoyable and worthwhile to frame a Challenge (on rare occasion) to use an existing game system?

Primarily, I'm thinking about a Challenge that would require the game to be made using a standard deck of 52 poker-style cards (13 cards in 4 suits). It would also allow for the use of 2 "jokers", and standard counters (poker chips, toothpicks, money, pencil/paper scoring, etc.) used in some card games.

In this type of Challenge, I would probably just pick a theme, and perhaps a single lightweight restriction.

Other existing games systems that might be interesting would be piecepack, Ice House, 8x8 board + checkers (or chess pieces), etc.

Your thoughts?


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GDS Challenges using existing game systems?

My favorite part of game design is coming up with new game mechanics.

That being said, I am open to the idea and think it would be a fun challenge once in a while.

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GDS Challenges using existing game systems?

Go for it.

The only problem mght be trying to pick through 10 card games.

On the upside, this makes the possibility of actually having people play the games increase dramatically. That might be a cool guideline.

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Re: GDS Challenges using existing game systems?

Intellectually I think it's a good idea, but it leaves me a little cold emotionally.

I like games whose themes tie in tightly with the art direction. Piece-pack-esque games are necessarily abstract in that regard.

That's just my personal tilt. I think it's an excellent GDS -- just one I probably wouldn't enter.


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GDS Challenges using existing game systems?

I have no problem with a "use things found around the house" requirement. The contests are pretty much this.

Of course, if I were running it, I would require the game to use a toaster, or some other major kitchen appliance.

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GDS Challenges using existing game systems?

My first GDS game (the Dogs in the Park) was deliberately built using a standard Settlers set, yet I thought it still had a decently tight linkage with the theme. I have subsequently entered a game that just used a deck of cards plus counters. Meanwhile, the first contest I ran had fun with the concept of using lots of diverse bits from other random games to see what would happen.

So yeah, I'd be perfectly happy with this - I might actually have a minor headstart on some of the other entrants ;-)

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