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3D board map

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I just recently had an Idea of making some sort of solo RPG(or cooperative multplayer) where you are a ninja that must fullfil a mission. You would have a customizable board representing walls, building, moat, castles, etc.

I don't want a detailed quare or hex map. Each tile is an area of the castle. Players, soldiers or special indicator would be simple flat tokens.

Now since we are talking ninja, they are not necessarily always on the ground, they can be on the roof too (see tenchu). This is why I tought about making a 3D Map. And I just wanted some comment about if you like the idea or not, what kind of material could be used or do you have some other gadgets to propose.

I tough of 2 thing. First layering tiles of foamcore board. Like I have seen in hero scape, they made a land scape by stacking various thick hex. This could be useful for defining the water level (table) and the ground ( first foad board later).

Then for the walls or building I tough of either card board box, foam board box(like 3D puzzle) or even painted wood. Each floor in a building would be a block. So a 3 floor castle would stack 3 blocks one over the other.

Since only flat tokens are used as unit on the board, it does not matter if there is a bottom on the block. It will still hold in place if I place it over the unit. But sure it will be more cool to have some sort of hat block where you hide the units under the block.

It just come in my mind, for some sort of castle siege game I wanted to make, I could use the same method.

But the best of all is that it will look cool(^_^). As cool as watching a hero quest board with all the furniture.

So what do you think?

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