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4-6 player co-op, light combat, VP games???

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So does anyone have input on existing games that fit the subject of my post?

"4-6 player co-op, light combat, VP games"

Basically is there a game where 4-6 players are involved in joint combat versus an outside npc style army. Where each player attempts to gain/maintain a certain number of VP for X rounds? And which ever player has the most VP at the end of the X rounds is the winner? Or they all lose if no one player survive the invading enemies?

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Mutant Chronicles, Siege Of the Citadel

Mutant Chronicals, Siege of the Citadel ( by Richard Borg is a major blast for 5 players.

You need 5 players, though. Any less and it really doesn't work as well.

It's a really great variation on the cooperative idea. Each player controls a team of good guys. The teams work together (usually) to beat the bad guys.

Here's the cool bit: there's a rotating bad guy. On each mission, a (different) player puts his team of good guys aside and plays the bad guy. That player gets xp (for his team) for doing well with the bad guys.

So, it's a 5 player game that is 4 on 1. Since you typically play a series of missions, though, everyone gets a turn being the bad guys.

I really enjoy this one. The only negative is that you need 5 people.

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