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Aaargh! Camelot Legends system clash!

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Joined: 07/31/2008

I'm working happily in my spare time on a game where players are greek gods. Half the game is about recruiting heroes to fulfil quests in your name ... and I've just played Camelot Legends to find out that my planned quest resolution system is very similar to that in Camelot Legends (CL)! That is:

(1) Get hero(es) to location (more complex in my game).
(2) Compare certain minimum atributes to complete quest (about 6 in CL, 2 in my game [strength & cunning], plus a score for leadership [used for leading armies]...).

My gut feeling is that it will feel too similar. Aaargh!

I've got a couple of other ideas ... such as the attributes effecting the length of time to complete the quest ... maybe I'll need to go down that path instead ...

Also quest resolution is most of CL (with special abilities with heroes) where its only (say) half my game (with heroes defined by their stats) as my game will also include recuiting high priests to influence nations to war and to aid/hinder heroes on their quests ...

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