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Aerial ww2 solo combat hex and counters boardgame

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I have the idea to design a solo hex and counters baordgame reproducing ww2 aerial battle (as dogfighting).

The planes will have characteristics like speed, ammunitions and pilot skill.

I'd like to have idea on how to design a rules or tables system for managing the movement of the not-manned planes (the aircraft managed by the automatic system).

Anyone can help me with some idea or where to find ideas?

Thanks and bye.


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Aerial ww2 solo combat hex and counters boardgame

Well, this topic has been touched on in other games. Wings Over France is a fine solo WW1 air battle game and can be used for inspiration. You can read about it here at

B-17, from the now defunct Avalon Hill tells the story of WW2 combat from that of a single bomber crew attempting to complete 25 missions.

Statistically, I've read that something like 80% of all aerial victories in WW2 came about from sneaking up on the enemy plane undetected - so it may not be unrealistic to simply have the enemy aircraft fly straight and level most of the time.

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