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Animal Card Game

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I have been working on a card game for a while off and on, with animals and science as the theme. The purpose was to create a game that is fun and educational for my children to play.

I must admit the original mechanics behind the game pretty much all came from the Pokemon TCG. But now as I am nearing completion, I would like to solicit ideas on how to improve what I have already. I want to make it something more than a Pokemon rip off, and would like some help in this. I have a site with the basic rules and a couple of the cards posted. This should explain a bit more than me typing it all in here.

Here's a quick rundown: It consists of 3 basic cards, with multiple variations of each.

- The "fighting" characters are organisms in our everyday world.
- The "energy" required come from Life Sustainment cards, protein or photosynthesis
- Weather cards add variables in the game, to help or hurt

Any feedback is greatly appreciated on any aspect: design, mechanics, or any other crazy ideas I haven't thought of yet :)

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Animal Card Game

I'm getting ready for work, so I can't read the entire rules right now.
But it looks very good so far. Cards have a nice clean look to them.

Intriguing to say the least. Good job!


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It looks very interesting... I guess it wil settle the age old argument that kids ask... "If a lion and a tiger fought, which one would win". LOL...


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