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Attention card game makers

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Other Card Games

The game that has been mention for a couple days is the other game that this many cards for a game. The other card games are not even that many.

The Golf card game : 100+ cards (2 players with each deck total: 200 cards)
The role playing card game: about 1000+ cards
WW2 Card game n/a (still in production)
Viet - Nam Card Game (still in production)
Western Card Game n/q (still in production)


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Re: Continued post. Sorry!

Bulldog wrote:
And then make three main deck out of 47 booklets

9,000+ for amber
9,000+ for blue
9,000+ for grey

When I first started the card game I actually did have the plan to finish with 30,000 cards. But then I slash out 24,000 cards. Only having 6,000 cards to work with. When I was finished I wasnt even satified. This game is about the samurai era years of Japan, Korea, China. The main map (the real topography of how Japan,China, and Korea looks today) has nothing to do with the game itself. I draw the map on a poster board with a few islands and large constinants. Sorry I don't know how to spell that word. On the board itself I have added a playing field for each player to play on. For right now this is the playtesting stage and i don't have any artist yet. But I can make due for now.


How do you plan to compete with Legend of the Five Rings? It's one of the few CCGs that is still selling new sets after a decade of play.

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