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Axis & Allies: Untitled Variant

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Hello. This site seems ideal for some feeback on a little variant of the classic Axis and Allies game we've been working on for about a year. So, here it is:

We've always liked the idea of a more tactical, advanced, and close-up representation of the fighting that went on in Western Europe during WW2. The fall of France, the UK holding Germany at bay for X amount of turns, then the US eventually coming into the War, etc. Would be a challenging game for both sides. A slug-fest to the heart of either Berlin or London. What about Russia? Well, we will assume Hitler does not invade or this "front" could be simulated by having Germany's production reduced (perhaps when the US enters the game). If Russia is included in this variant, you may as well play A&A Europe. No point. For the excellent game that it is; we just wanted more detail.

Two probable scenarios:

May 1940: Blitzkrieg of Western Europe, then if Germany conquers it, Battle of Britain and so on...

June 1944: Allied landings in Western Europe; this time not necessarily in Normandy. Germany must then hold out for X amount of turns. Allies must capture Berlin.

Values for each and every territory is our next concern. We need a total IPC count for each country (have some idea) so we can break things down from there. Total income for the US will be the sum of the 6 western convoy zones (see map for locations). There's really no other way to show thier production. Since the US can't be bombed, thier convoys must be vulnerable to attack. The US player must place thier newly purchased land forces IN available transports and ON these 6 convoy zones; rolling a 1-6 to determine which zone it's placed at. This will force the Allies, at the end of thier respective turns, to protect these transports in these zones with warships. Unit placement exception: All US aircraft are built and placed in one staging area in the UK (unsure which territory would be best). A Battle of the Atlantic is now possible; German U-boats in France can threaten these very convoys.

Finally, for the area of conflict and current developments:

Keep in mind all aspects (borders, names, etc.) are still being tweaked. As for units and rules, we are currently just going with the same ones from A&A Europe. Translates nicely into this variant. Visit the above link periodically for updates. Again, anyone's suggestions for unit placement, name changes, historical accuracy issues or other game enhancements are more than welcome...

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Axis & Allies: Untitled Variant

Good morning ThinMan,

If you want a more detailed, tactical, close-up version of Axis & Allies, I would suggest that you take a look at "Axis & Allies: D-day". It is exactly what you are looking for. They have replaced the IPC + factory production by reinforcements charts, which I find more realistic for a battlefield scale combat. You might also want to look at "Memoir 44", although I have not played this one. Both these games could give you some ideas.


france 40 or is it 44?

Your game (by this i mean map) looks like it can either go france 40, battle of britian 40 ,sealion 40, atlantic convoy sea war, or france 44/ germany 45. I suggest you make one set of rules and cover each of these scenarios within the same rules structure. You have done the work of illustrating england so dont waste the sealion option since nobody has tried that. One problem with the france 44 thing is that you dont have south of france so that will be a problem. The aspect of atlantic subs/bismarck battles would function but theirs not much sea zones around to make it to that fun. I love the aspect of your map that shows the border around land masses as to create a "water table" as if your showing the land under the ocean.nice touch. One detraction is the IPC values of your territories are hard to read. Use what they call "drop shadow" to raise the numbers abouve the surface and use more defining colors ( e.g. black , gray) . If i were you and YOU had to pick one scenario id go with the war from may 10-october 1940. that will cover the fall of france /battle of britian /and invasion of britian.

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