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Balance Issues

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I am almost ready to print out all of the cards for my tactics game, and I was wondering if I had put in enough ways to keep the game fun for both players.

I did put in a mechanism that allows any unit / groups of units to be able to defeat any enemy piece. (By being able to do additional damage by flipping a coin a certain number of times.) But I am wondering if it is enough.

I don't want powerful pieces to be less powerful in comparison to others, but I want to avoid a situation where one player can pretty much guarentee their victory with one strong monster at the near beginning of the game, possibly from being lucky.

Is this a viable concern?

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Balance Issues

It depend, I guess. If it's because of superior tactics that one player's guaranteed to win early on then it would be pretty much ok to me. Although I've to say if the match doesn't end quickly after that, I'd probably get bored playing. It's just like chess, if your opening's way better than your opponent's you can win and end the match quite easily.

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