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Battle mechanic

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I am very sorry to post this tread here, because there will be a lot of treads of this same topic, but I couldn't search the forum.

Anyway I am working on a game and I want to involve some kind of battle mechanic.

The things that are important, I think, is that the mechanic is:

Synoptic (for the board, so little units)

Is was thinking of some kind of vote system, where each player can vote either attack or not attack. And a battle system wich connects to this.

I also though of two kind of units lets say long range and short range and an advantage if you attack from two sides. But I feel that al this collide with Simple, Short and Synoptic.

I hope somebody has some sugestions.

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Battle mechanic

I suggested a 'voting' combat mechanic a while back, so it is a shame you cannot search. However, I've revised it a bit, so here goes:

Each player starts out with a fixed number (say five) attack tokens. At the start of your turn, you gain one token.

When a unit attacks another, the attacking player and the defending player each grab a number of tokens (secretly) and put them in their hand. You can use any number, including all of your tokens, or none at all.

Once both players have decided on their tokens, both put their hands (closed) in the center of the game board, and open them simultaneously, revealing the number they chose.

The winner is the person who put the most tokens out. Their unit lives, and the other dies. If there is a tie, both units are killed. So, if you attack and put no tokens in your hand, and the defender puts three, your unit is killed. However, you've used no resources, and your opponent has wasted two more than neccesary.

Tokens used for combat are discarded afterwards.

Strategy: It is obviously a bluffing game. Your goal is to beat the other guy's units with a minimum of excess tokens, while trying to trick them into wasting theirs.

The rest of the game is up to you. I'd suggest players alternate moving one unit per turn, and then deciding whether to attack or not. To work ranged combat into the game, I'd suggest a ranged unit 'loses ties' in combat, however, a ranged unit cannot be killed by melee defender, unless the defender is adjacent.

Melee vs. Melee - Both are killed in a tie.
Melee vs. Ranged - Ranged is killed in a tie, but Melee is not.
Ranged vs. Melee (adjacent) - Ranged unit is killed in a tie, but Melee is not.
Ranged vs. Melee (not adjacent) - Both units live in a tie.
Ranged vs. Ranged - Both are killed in a tie (both units 'lose').

Does that do anything for you?

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