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Battle System Ideas for my Game

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I'll give a quick run down of my ideas

Basically this game is about having a character card, and each have around 12 action cards in their arsenal you must use your cards better than your opponent in order to win.

each character card has specific bonuses.

I think this is going to be turn based and there are 2 basic actions as of now:


and Block

Stand is basically ready to attack next turn, and if your opponent attacks you during their turn you can choose to block


You cannot use your main action cards for your following turn

You take less damage from most attacks by blocking

There is a exception to never being able to use a main action card after blocking however

there is a Desperation Attack option: you can attack immediately during your next turna fter you blocked but you cannot block for the following 2 turns on your opponent's turn

I'm not sure if i will have a arena but if i do it will be a even square that 12 spaces you can move in

basically 4 lines of 4 spaces (squares)

basically it's a game where you each get a character card here is a example:


HP: 200

Bonus: + 3 to damage

and each has corresponding main action cards like:

Shield Smash:

Flavor Text: A brutal backhand with the blunt of a large steel buckler.

Damage: 15

Block Damage: 5

Vital Energy Gain: 1

Vital Energy is basically like mana, it helps pay for attacks or actions that are better than others which have a vital energy cost.

Here is a example for the Luck Mage

Mage of Chance

HP: 100

Bonus: (unknown for now)

He has a "interrupt" type spell

Bad Beat

Flavor Text: Draws a card from a deck and shows it to the oncoming offense before it strikes. Should the card drawn have a higher value than the attack it stops it completely,

Used only when blocking.

Roll a die, subtract the result from the block damage you receive on this attack. Can only be used once per turn.

Vital Energy Cost: 2

and he also all characters have secondary action cards

here is one for the mage which might make the strategy of those playing htem very defensive and block based:

Blood Roulette:

Flavor Text:Summons a large roulette spinner. Whichever number it falls on is the same number of phantasmal knives that stab the opponent.

Damage: Roll a die and use the result as the value, if the result is 1 do no damage.

Block Damage: 1

Vital Energy Cost: 2

and something to help his mass vital energy consuming

Leisure Activity

Flavor Text: "Why not play a relaxing game of solitaire to regain your composure?"

This can be your only action this turn

Gain 2 Vital Energy

Any suggestions?

Alternate Concepts: If i decide to add a arena to this, then range will come into play having a heavy effect on the cards by adding this important element.

I'm also thinking that perhaps the basic actions should be cards, and when you end your turn you put 2 cards face down and those are the only cards you can use as options during your opponent's turn.

I'd like some feed back on this idea as well as many others.


Defender is a Knight that relies on two large bucklers (shields)

and a Mage of Chance is a mage that relies on luck based magic.

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Battle System Ideas for my Game

sounds alot like anacronism, the new history channel card game. not exactally but similar. If you really want to develope this game i would be willing to work on it with you, i've been looking for a project. email or IM me.

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