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Board game for China market

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I am a newbie here.

My partners are running a tuition school in Shanghai and we are on the lookout for some boardgame to inculcate finance managment to kids. Is there a product out that we can represent or engage to design a fun and educational board game for kids. We do plan to market such a product to other schools too.

I have played the Cashflow game before but i think it is suitable for adults rather than kids.

Do appreciate if you have a product or something in mind that can be developed further.

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Board game for China market


What age group are your tuition students?

Fun Factory Games recently released a financial-themed board game, Dividends, which might be appropriate for your needs. However, it is best suited for those aged 12 and up.

I have one customer who is a financial adviser and is successfully using our game as an ice-breaker/light introduction to his Cash Flow sessions.

You can find more information on our website

Another option, of course, is to get Kiyosaki's "Cash Flow for Kids" which is a juvenile version of the board game you played.

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