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board game mechanics

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Hello forum

This is my first posting by the way. I have a terrible problem with shooting down my ideas before they get to the drawing board ! I have the problem of being unable to come up with game mechanics that appeal to
myself as a board game designer . I think of all of the games out there
and think , how can I really come up with something different ? How can I make my game different than others out there without making the same
old same old ? What i'm trying to say is perpetuallity is what i'm having trouble with . As in roll the dice , token moves here , draw a card , token moves there , when token goes there it's killed , etc . How do I get out of this delima ? Board gamers block is what I have . Can someone please help me with this problem ?


board game mechanics

Although this will only produce games that are not that much fun, try limiting the amount of components you let yourself use in a game. Like make a trading game that only uses cards and one token. Or just simply go to the store and buy those games you have been looking at. Don’t worry copying their ideas, if anything playing as many different games as possible is a good idea so you know exactly what’s been done so you do not step over anyone’s toes. Also buy a lot of things that you think would make good game pieces. Some times it just takes a bit of "free playing" with the bits of a game and then you will discover a game. I just recently came up with a came by making a name and designing around that. There are lots of ways to do it, all of them have one thing in common you have to make a solvable problem, once you have that you should be able to make a game.

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board game mechanics

1) Think of a really cool theme. Battling hippos. Rampaging robots. Drunken cupids firing target practice. Brainstorm if necessary; write all the ideas that come to your head. Don't censor your thoughts; just write them down as they come. You might be surprised at what comes out.

2) Play a bunch of board games. You'll undoubtedly come across one with a great theme, but poor mechanics. Recycle the theme, but introduce completely new mechanics. Fix what they screwed up!

3) Start from the other direction: begin with a great, unique mechanic. Wrap the game around that mechanic.

4) Find a theme that no one's made a game for. Try it.

How many games have you made so far? If you've only created one or two, then don't worry too much about being original. Just work on the process of creating a game. While you're working on that, you'll be that much more receptive to your next idea.

Best of luck!

New Ideas from Old Problems

I get new games ideas from trying to solve the problems in existing games. The fix seems to lead me to a new game.
All games have problems. I suggest solving one and see where it leads you.

board game mechanics

The idea for my most recent project came about when I was in a local gaming/hobby store. I really wanted a game about ghosts or the supernatural which could be enjoyed by 1 player or by many. Browsing through the shelves I didn't see anything that was exactly what I wanted, so that became the basis for designing a new game.

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Ghost Chase

SiskNY, although 'Ghost Chase' is for more than one player you could have a computer version of it to play as 1 player ;-)


board game mechanics

Very cool game tip, thanks! I had never heard of the game before (gotta love Board Game Geek). I only wish I knew computer programming...

(p.s. I was just in your area this past September ('03), my wife and I honeymooned in London...very cool place to be!)

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