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Boardgame for the blind

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Hello, I'm Michiel,

I'm an aspiring boardgame designer from the Netherlands. At the moment I'm working on three major ideas: "El Dorado - the road to the city of gold" which is, obviously, about finding a path through the jungle to the legendary El Dorado, but with a corrupt twist, "Salem" a hidden identity game in which all players stay in the game until the end (a very quick game) giving information about themselves every turn, and "Bal Masqué" in which the players are master thieves in 1899 - Paris.

Now I got a new idea. Near my house is a library for blind people with Braille books and cd's etc. etc. That's how I got the idea for a boardgame that could be played by blind people. Not a tuning of an existing game but a real, new game that allows blind people to play with or against.

Have you guys got some ideas? Mine are listed below:

- Braille as well as texts on the cards
- Game rules on cd and printed on paper
- Texts on the cards on cd's, giving the players headsets.

Well, wanna know what you think about it.

braille games

You know that sounds like a very good idea.
education is fun through any genre to young and old.
What are the ages of the handicapped?
Also are there mixed gender?

Here is another great idea which i do most of my time while trying to come up with a new idea. What i do is and of course your is right with what i do is look for new ideas and suggestions to help people learn or to look to on having fun. Go back to the library some day and just casually ask what they would like to learn or what kind of games they would like to play? I wouldn't know of any games out so far but there could be new ways of teaching the handicap.

Ask them what they like to listen to, or read in the braille books? This can spark many new and fresh ways of getting these ideas to start planning. Okay what i was trying to say is that I go to local game stores, or game rooms (arcades) and watch the kids or adults what they lke in a certain game or what their favorite game is. With this information I take notes or keep them in my head until I get home.

I would also also these folks on what they would like to see or havent seen in the games they play now that would be new or original or something they havent see yet or would like to see in the future of games that will make them happy or would enjoy playing.

If you need any help with ideas or suggestions feel free to pm me here until next week due to me being here at my machine tool operator class or if you would like to P.o. box me that would be cool to. let me know. if not then this forum can help you on anything.

Nice meeting you from the Netherlands
I am Jesse ( BullDog )
I hope you recieve my pm. some times the pms don't work around here but they have been fine for the moment. See you next time. I am from California, USA


Joined: 12/31/1969
Boardgame for the blind

Thanks for the nice reply! It's a good idea to ask what they're asking. If I know what books and themes they like, I know what they'd like in a boardgame. Actually, there's quite a lot in boardgame which you can replace: text cards for braille, illustrations for ambience music... in that way they still get the feel of the game. I'll ask them first thing tomorrow (since it's 20:17 right now and the library is closed). Thanks for the idea, if you have some more where that came from, I'd be happy to hear from you.

Braille Game

Hey how you doing. i just say your post just before you signed off. and thats coo. I just figured something out as well. I to have a school for the blind downtown from where i live and I could also get ideas from them as well. Here is what i was thinking as i read your post.

Music is great idea i was going to use the same process with the survival horror board game that allows people to hear the church bells and sounds of church music and other ambient sounds and effects to give the effect that they are there. The board game is for anyone really.

Game pieces they can touch and identify while playing the game.
The game objects an be from a fishing pole to some kind of clue to match what the riddle would be if it were a mystery game or some kind of chase game can be one example.

Hmmm. comedy interactive games, mystery interactive games, aloud interactive clue games.

This is all for now. but tomorrow i can' wait tohear what they have to say. this will give some new ideas and how you can implament in the boardgames or any other type game.

Take care.

So i am looking forward on helping you out if you need ideas and suggestions or someone to talk to. Plus do you goto church? If so which one? I would like to send you something from my church if you want to learn more about God if you don't know about him. I am glad to help you and your friends out to learn about new ways to imagine new worlds and stuff.

Nice meeting you.
Take care and God bless.
Jesse (bulldog)

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