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Books covering board game designing

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I am new to this site, so may be this topic has been raised a zillion times before! But anyway:

I enjoy board gaming very much, so recently I thought it could be fun trying to design a board game on my own.

I have of couse some experience in how games are put together - having played a lot of them myself - but still:
Can anyone of you recommend a book - if such exists at all - on the subject of board game design. The topics could be e.g.:

Theme - strongly/loosely themed



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Books covering board game designing

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of books about board game designing.

I posted a thread about such a book the same day. Did you even try? :)

Do a search for book in the forums and you'll find other discussions about it.

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Books covering board game designing

The best resource I've found, apart from the postings at this site, is The Games Journal Archives. There's a number of well written articles about Theme, Mechanics, and Game Design in general, advice from other designers and case studies of designing and creating games.

I'd also recommend the Rules of Play, a very comprehensive book about game design with some examples from well-known designers like Knizia and James Ernest.

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Rules of Play

I will second the recommendation for Rules of Play, although with 2 caveats:

1. It's a beast. It's definitely a textbook, very long, and packed with information - not light reading, and you really have to be constantly paying attention to every word.

2. It doesn't tell you how to design games. Not even a bit. It gives you different "perspectives" for looking at game design (the rules, the player's experience, etc.), some more useful than others. If anything, it makes the design process harder, since you now have many MORE things to consider, that you never did before. But that's a good thing, since your games will probably be better.

So, if you go in with those expectations, you won't be disappointed. It's the best book for serious game designers, bar none.

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Books covering board game designing
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