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BRAINS! (A Zombie spin-off topic)

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I just thought of something when looking at the Zombie topic: What if there were a game based on BEING a zombie? The whole purpose of the game would be to amass a horde of similar zombies and take over a town. Of course to make the game effective the other players would have to have zombie pieces of different colors.

So who's up for a little brainstorming?

1) Players are all zombies
2) Players don't simply kill their enemies, they change them.
3) Most zombies win once the town is changed? How to win?

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BRAINS! (A Zombie spin-off topic)


Every zombie has a strength (or zombiness-indicator...)

The zombiness-indicator modifies your ability to convert a zombie from another player into one of your own.

The converted zombie looses a bit of zombieness, will the converting zombie gains zombieness.


The red player has a zombie with 4 red tokens on it and decides to use it to attack the yellow player's zombie with 2 yellow tokens on it.

The red zombie converts the yellow zombie (by rolling dice or playing cards or whatever...)

==> The red player now has a zombie with 5 red tokens on it and a zombie with one red token on it. The yellow player has lost his zombie.


More ideas:

- The higher the zombiness-indicator, the easier to convert.
- The higher the zombiness-indicator, the slower the zombie.
- Neutral people on the board to turn into zombies to strengthen your army.
- Several zombies may attack together, making it possible (or more likely) for a few JUST-TURNED-ZOMBIE-zombies to convert a VERY-ZOMBIE-zombie.


As Jebbou pointed out in this post in abother thread:

Jebbou wrote:
There is an ongoing discussion about zombies right now (Click here). I think the zombie theme is a very good setup for dissention or cooperation. Players could either fight together to achieve a common goal (such as repelling the zombies or finding the cure to the zombie disease), or try achieving a personal goal, such as reach the hellipad.

This could work with the idea to work together with low-zombiness-zombies of different players converting a strong one from an opponent. One player gets a stronger zombie because the conversion worked, but the other player gets the converted zombie...

Or something like that...

That and whatever...


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Re: BRAINS! (A Zombie spin-off topic)

NetWolf wrote:

So who's up for a little brainstorming?

"Brainstorming" would be an awesome name for a zombie game.
That's my contribution!

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BRAINS! (A Zombie spin-off topic)

LOL That can be the Scientific Research Facility's expansion name! =P

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