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Card game more adventure like?

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Hi, I know I havn't been around in a while.

I'm working on a card game based on a favorite fantasy liscence (I rather not say which). At first I thought it would be a game simular to the lord of the rings CCG, where the hero tries to make his way to a specificed location to win, and the villans would try to stop the good player. But then my brother remarked that LotR CCG is more a "war game in miniture" and that what I want for this is more of an adventure game. It made me think, I can see what he means, I should probbily have less emphisis on fighting but I'm not sure how this would work.

I guess my questions is, in what ways could I make a customizible card game (one where the players deside what goes in their deck) more of an adventure game? a computer adventure games focus more on puzzles, but that's not going to be very interesting for a 2-player competitive game. Is there some way of having it more "puzzle like", that than all about killing stuff?


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Card game more adventure like?

The early Star Trek CCG had an element that you were building a deck filled with planets and encounters, and things that would help you to "complete" those elements. So, the goal was not to defeat your opponent (wargame), but to explore the combined universe of both decks most effectively.

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Card game more adventure like?

The old LotR CCG (Middle Earth I believe it called) was more like an adventure game. The game was more to achieve a goal then killing each other's. That is maybe something to take a look at.

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Card game more adventure like?

I wonder if you could have task cards in your deck that require your opponent to have different kinds of characters/cards to fulfill those tasks. I guess the tasks would be obstacles in a game where you are trying to get somewhere. I envision this to be similar to Duel of Ages, in that you have particular characters and tasks that each one would be good at fulfilling. For example if I played the "door of Riddles" obstacle you would have to have a character with a wits stat of 6 or a character with a strength of 11 to get past it. Each deck would try to have characters in them that would allow them to get past obstacles that the other player puts in their way. You could also add instant effects/equipment that increase/decrease difficulty, take a character out of the game for X turns, increase a characters stats etc.

This is also similar to the Star trek CCG, except that you wouldn't be able to finish the obstacles that you put on the board.

I already see a possible problem with this. There wouldn't be much in the way in which your deck works with itself to achieve victory. You would simply always put your best all around characters and obstacles into your deck. NOt much, thought or fun there. You could help this by creating relationships between cards that are on the table at the same time. For exmaple "the dark woods" obstacle could take a character with a bravery of 5 to pass it, but if the player who played "the dark woods" obstacle also has "the ghost of the woods" character in play it increases the bravery to 7 or adds some other requirement to pass the obstacle.

Hope this helps, if I didn't explain this well enough let me know. Good luck.

Card game more adventure like?

Here are a couple thoughts, since I've been thinking about a game like this for a long time.

1) The Firestorm CCG (a truly excellent game killed by its lengthy, rules-lawyer-level rulebook) allowed you to play an "Advantage" card which would either pump up a normal ability, give you some new abililty, or give you an alternate win condition. The non-collectible game Chrononauts allows you to win by collecting 3 specified treasures. So, perhaps you could use a similar idea to set a non-violent win condition that might well be different for each player but over which the players still had some control.

2) A series of adventure/quest cards with skill requirements to defeat them seems a natural way to go. The problem, as others have noted, is that you can also put into your deck exactly what you need to succeed. So, why not instead either force your opponent to provide half of the equation? Perhaps you need to visit the Tomb of Hu-Nohz-Hu to retrieve the prized Nohz Ring of Nazality. You don't know what dangers await you. But it is a 23 point adventure, so when you arrive, your opponent picks 23 points worth of traps, curses, and monsters to play against you. Will you have the skills to succeed, or will you get blown away? This also ensures interaction between the players -- a definite plus in a 2-player game!

3) The Harry Potter CCG had the notion of Adventures which you play on your opponent. They give him some drawback until such time as he achieves some goal. When the goal is attained, that player gets a reward of some sort. A similar mechanic may work for you.

3) TrickyDicky mentioned the problem of always having what you need. There are at least two approaches to resolving that. One is to make the skill requirement such that no one character will ever be enough, but some sort of game economics will make getting the right combination of characters together nontrivial. Another route would be some sort of natural reward/penalty mechanic. The more cards you bring to defeat a particular obstacle, the higher the threshold you have to meet to win. Or maybe the fewer victory points you would receive. This then creates a game tension in determining when is the optimal balance between the player's resources to overcome the obstacle, the difficulty of that obstacle, and the reward for success.

4) On a different note, I've been interested for a while in making a good fantasy-based solitaire game. Can you find a way to offset these game-design challenges but in a solitaire game? I keep wanting to think more about this but I find myself working on other projects instead.

Those are my thoughts, for what it's worth. Good luck.

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Card game more adventure like?

You might also look at the Buffy the Vampire Slayer game. There are tasks that must be completed. The idea is that each character has a set of stats, and then each other card has a various stat + on it unrelated to its normal operation. So an event or whatever my have Wits +2. In attempting a challenge, you have a set of characters and then play a number of cards from your hand to up the proper set of stats to beat the challenge. The opponent can play cards to increase the difficulty. So it reduces the challenge to sort of a Hand Management strategy.


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Card game more adventure like?

Another CCG, which is more puzzle-like is AniMayhem. This is game is playable solitaire and with more players. The original illustrated rules can be found here:

And a more simplified and probably better version of the rules can be found here:

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