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Cards paper

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Anyone knows what kind of paper I can use to make cards for a board game?

Give me a paper kind I don't need to order through the mail. I am living in a third world country right now. :)

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Cards paper

Try a 14 point C2S stock. It's pretty common.

True playing card stock is a laminated stock, and the good stuff runs at 300+ gsm density.

cards for board game or tcg or ccg

I agree on what Veritasgames has said about the common cards. But since I don't have enough money nor the equipment for designing cards, I went with regular graph paper from CAMBRIDGE. If there is no store that carries graphpaper then you can use a regualr playing card and design the length and width from there and then cut out the card design.
If you do find graphpaper the dimensions I have used are:

9 across
14 down

I used a Yugioh playing card to get the dimensions.
On a single sheet of paper you can get 8 cards.
With a 80 sheet package of cambridge booklet you can get 640+ cards out of one booklet.
13 PAGES from conting inward will give you 104 cards.
80 pages x 8 is 640 cards.


Cards paper

Depends on your usage. Are you just prototyping for playtesting? You can print to regular paper, cut them out and glue them to regular playing cards. Alternatively, put the printouts into a card sleeve (card protectors found at just about every game store).

For a little classier looking prototype (like something you would send to a publisher), you can print to heavy cardstock (110# card stock) found at any office supply store. Then trim and you're good to go.

If you don't mind odering from a website (this one), check out the protoparts card stock (complete with rounded corners).

Best of luck!

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