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Changes for the Hazard

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I was falling asleep last night, when suddenly some ideas sparked. I thought I would run them by you guys, to see the responses.

Updated Rules
New rules, so you can understand this topic, are here:

Game Packs
If I ever sell this game, I was thinking about doing game packs. There will be 4 game packs you can buy in total. Each game pack will let you play a full 2-player game. The more game packs that are bought. The more players you can play with.
Game pack components are listed under Compents in the link above.

Card Battling
I think this was on the BGDF before.
Cards will be used for battling instead of dice.

Bye-Bye Metal
This is a thought.
Instead of getting clustered with a bunch of "Toxic Waste" and "Metal" bits, I will take away the "Metal". Then the only resource will be "Toxic Waste"

Here were a few of my thoughts. I'd like some responses/comments to see if anybody likes these ideas.
If you can think of something else please tell me.

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Changes for the Hazard

I have a back-burnered futuristic battle game called "Battle for Bluntrock", which you might want to read over in case it generates any good ideas for Hazard ... btw, it also had 2-player game packs that could be combined for more players, and used standard playing cards to resolve battles (among other things).

Here's a link to several detailed posts I made about it on my website's message board:


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