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Class Branching in Board RPG

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One idea that I've been toying around with for the comunal fantasy rpg I'm trying to get going is the idea of an easy experience and leveling with a well defined class structure

heres the idea so far

There are only 4 levels a character can obtain

When you start out you have the basic stat set for your race (So far we've had over a hundred ideas and suggestions. This may be cut down but theres no real reason we couldn't have a large number of unique races)

On the back of your character card there will be a series of boxes. Each thing you do (spell, kill, whatever) will have a set number of boxes that you cross off. If you finish a quest and all your boxes are crossed off you may trade your card in for a level 2 card.

At level 2 you will be asked to choose one skill to recieve training in( We have about 20 but this will probably be wittled down depending on feed back). and will be given a new character card with representing your new class (this will of course have your new stats) with a larger number of boxes on the back. You will also be given a Class card telling you the abilities, spells etc which that class posseses.

When you obtain a third level you will once again be asked which skill you want to train in and will once again recieve a new class card and character card. You also retain your previouse class card.

This is then repeated for the fourth level

This allows for character development while still retaining a well defined class structure. This class structure will also be used for NPCs

It is still to be decided wether or not there will be over lapping of classes (Eg. The same class for some one who first trained in Melee Weapons and then archery and for someone who first trained in archery and then melee weapons) The idea of overlapping was first thought of to try and simplify this system.

Let me knownif you have any ideas

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Class Branching in Board RPG

I don't want to write on my cards,

why can't I have a several cards for my character,

add them all up, as I level up I get more cards, thus

stronger and more options.

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Class Branching in Board RPG

Yeah, my first reaction was "I don't want to write on my cards" too. (Although I wonder if laminated wipe-off cards might work.)

But that's such an excellent idea for tracking "levelling up" in RPGs: I rather like the idea of a player pleading to be allowed to kill just one more Goblin...
I assume that the boxes are not for fixed actions (you must do 3 X and 4 Y to level up), but are filled in according to external rules (1 box for a Goblin, 20 boxes for a Dragon.) Indeed, with a bit of cleverness, I could see you being able to use the same card all the way through (assuming it was wipe-clean) - so that at level 4 the boxes would be filled in for different actions. It would be complex to create a smooth formula, but it might be worth the effort.

But I can't think of another way to handle it without introducing lots more components (such as additional cards etc.)

I don't see any problems in having the same class type for two characters who acquired the skills in a different order; all that's relevant is that they had to achieve the next level with a different skill set. (i.e. of the two characters who both end up with archery and melee weapons, one had to get there using just archery and the other using just melee weapons. The fact that they both now have both skills is irrelevant to their class (they're still both now "warriors", despite one of them having been an "archer" and the other a "duellist", for instance.)

It sounds as though you've got a very interesting take on one of the most difficult aspects of the RPG/boardgame hybrid: I look forward to hearing how it progresses.

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Class Branching in Board RPG

While not exactly what you may need, you might want to take a look at the Cities and Knight expansion for Settlers.

It comes with little flip books that you flip as you advance various things. You can see the flip books inf this image. I thought it was a fairly clever way to organize an advancement mechanic without a bunch of loose cards floating around.

Thanks for the feedback

the character card would be more like a disposable character sheet you could print from the site.

2. You will collect cards fr Race, Skills, Abilities.

3. Yes each action or character will have a set number of EXP points (Probably on each Card)

4. The flip book probably wouldn't work because of the braching style of the character development. But its still a great idea.

Thanks for the feed back. I have planty more ideas on my site

feel free to visit and tell me what you think. I'd just feel a little guilty about posting my entire site here.

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Class Branching in Board RPG

man I'm a big fan of GIJOE,

your game sounds like a huge war game.

In the TV show, despite all the characters
they had, they always concentrated on a few per
episode and I think you should do the same.

You can have a platoon of 5 vs 5.

Player 1 may choose:
Snake eyes
Lady Jaye

Player 2 may choose:
Nemesis Enforcer
Cobra La Guard
Cobra Commander

Player 3 may choose:

you get my point :)
why 5 vs 5? because it'll feel more like your in the tv show!

How bout this

With that particular Idea I was more aiming towards the comics ( particularly the last series) and filecards/figures. The idea was to create a modern military strategy game. G.I.Joe was picked as a basis because of the huge wealth of characters and the large amount of information available. I've never rally felt the the tv series or the movie truly captured the potential of the franchise and sThings they did (Like turning Falcon into a complete imbicile) were unforgivable. I was thinking more along the lines of a tactical squad based combat system. Each squad would had stats and abilities based on the members of the squad. If any one is really into this let me know. Theres a thread on my forum just for discussing this topic.

Class Branching in Board RPG

Any way getting back on topic. Now that I've decided on my first idea (groan). I need a bit of help. I'm running a competetion to help name just about everything for the game as most of my names were either laughed or groaned at. The only prize is you get you name on the contributor board and braggin rights and I'll probably couple of extra votes on when we finally decide something. As I've explained before the idea is that this game is to be communally designed. I know some very talented people visit this site. I hope that I can bring some of them together so that we can produce a really great game. If you have any ideas then dump them on the site


Chad mac

now with prizes (Sorta)

The thing is I can't seem to come up with names for anything that don't get laughed or groaned at so I'm asking for help. as for the prize were working on a you name it you control it basis. The main thing is the continents. Suggest a name at my forum after we've had 5-6 suggestions the members will vote for the best. You are then given a rough outline which you may choose to completely ignore and given the chance to shape that part of the world were creating. You will be asked to create a more indepth description of the cointinent (e.g. Inhabitants, major powers, land marks, places of interest etc and if your really keen maybe a map might be nice). As with everything else this indepth description will then be places on the forum for discussion and review.

I know your all thinking that this is a cart before the horse approach but I figured it would be better to create a detailed world and a well thought out story and to then base the RPG arround that.

Thanks again Chad Mac

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