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Concepts for Battle game Variant

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I have been working on this dorky battle game for a while now and finally think I figured out the mechanics for the game to work and paly smoothly. I now need to add he fluff. Currently the plan is to have five factions (two allied and another two allied with one mercenary) And I am looking for themes. Thinking opposites. So I selected Life/Death and Fire/Water...I have a few more, but I am guessing you get the idea....
Looking for other faction ideas and matching mechanics.

For life I came up with heal (of course) and a sort of religious zeal.

For death I came up with raise dead and direct suffering (pain /wound enemy steal life idea)

So if you have polar opposites and mechanics (can be real vague, just looking for ideas) i would appreciate it. (not to pumped about water and fire)

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Concepts for Battle game Variant

Order and Chaos (imposing or breaking rules)

Material and Ethereal (Influencing actual objects and cretures, or imposing modifiers to entire classes of game element)

Constructive or Disruptive (combining elemets forming new game actors, or cards that break the bonds of the combined groups)

Innate or Artifact (skills and abilities granted to actors and immutible from them, or added to them by way of persistant objects that can be passed from actor to actor)

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Concepts for Battle game Variant

Light and Dark (revealing infomation vs concealing infomation)

Natural and Artificial (animals vs machines)

Hot and Cold (Fire vs Ice)

Offence and Defence (Attacking vs defending)

Communal and Individual (groups vs heros)

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