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A different kind of wargame (I'm back!)

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I've been so busy for the last few months that I have forgotten about nearly everything I used to do, design board games, play board games, do anything really. It's kind of sad. Anyway I'm back and as long as my short-term memory loss doesn't make me forget of this website (adding it to favorites list now) I should be able to be a "regular" for a while.

Anyway, back to my topic. What do you think of a war game for two players that represents a war, say the Civil War for example, but with some slight differences from what you might expect in a war game?

For example, set attack and defense points for units. Rather than gaining or losing any or using dice rolls to influence, if I stated that unit Y gets A attack points and B defence points, would it work? I'm thinking there could be ways to increase or decrease them, but this affect would last the whole game. Some sort of experience point system or maybe a moral system...

The idea just came to me very recently (As you can probably tell), so I haven't put a whole lot of thought into it. Feel free to take the idea and mess around with it, I don't care =)


A different kind of wargame (I'm back!)

Hey man I'm new but maybe I can help,
If your going to have a set attack and defense then the game is going to get real boring real fast, so in a way you're right in saying you need a way to change them.

The idea of a wargame sounds really cool and I know a few people who are really interested in that sort of thing(including myself).
SO, if your really interested in doing it I would like to see it.

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A different kind of wargame (I'm back!)

You may want to hint a bit more about the proposed scale of your wargame. A game covering the entire American Civil War (or any war at a strategic level) probably doesn't allow much in the way of unit differentiation. Someone like Lincoln probably doesn't care if the 12th Pennsylvania infantry regiment is at Gettysburg, or the 14th Illinois. He's thinking more about corps and armies and commanding generals.

On the other hand, a Civil War (or any tactical) battle game allows for some finer unit ratings but the forces therein are unlikely to "learn" anything or "improve much" over the course of the game (just happy to have survived the day I suspect).

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