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Discs of Lenora

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Alrighty, I figured i'd start a new topic in this section because my last one in Game Playtesting got a little off-subject (my fault, sorry).

I've changed the name of Disc to Discs of Lenora with this backstory.

"For thousands of years a great secret has been hidden in the enigmatic Discs of Lenora; a great mechanism forged with stone and soul. Magic gates inside the discs provide access into the multilayered structure, but these gates shift at a whim, and many have found themselves trapped by the Discs’ strange devices. Will you be the one to finally uncover the secret of the ancients?"

It still needs a bit of fleshing out. I'm setting this board game in the world my other game takes place in (this other game is a more complex, RPG type board game). It's probably a little too much for a simple board game, but i've become very struck by this idea.

The latest revision of the game has been posted on our website for playtesting.

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