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Do you like my Slide and crush?

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The game's name is Ricochet.
This is not my main project (which I develop for years... ERM....) but I always liked it so I will craft a prototype now (like most of my games, only the manual exists... lol).

It's abstract, every player has one token called "Puck" (no idea what it*s called in English, its the name of the disc people use in ice hockey).
The mechanic is to "slide" over the field and place obstacles that will redirect you in 90° other direction, stop you or you crush the obstacle.
The elements used are called Rails.
When you stick 2 elements in 90° formation it*s called an Angle. This is the opportunity to change your sliding direction. Rushing into the opponents angle crushes the rail that you frontally slided towards to.
When you combine 3 rails to an "U" its called a basket. These can stop you, enemies break it, however a sticky stop rail in the basket can stop the enemy.

Each turn you can either put one rail and move one time or you can put 2 rails and don*t move. When your rails are all on the field you crush enemy rails to take over them. YOu cannot crush your own rails.

The rails are of the following sort
Rail - Used to build angles. You can break through 1 enemy rail per move except when powered by a bouncer (only in 180° reflective way).
Negative rail - conquered from other player. They give special strategy elements to the game when you use a bouncer for ricochet at another place.
Bouncer - A 180° or 90° degree reflecting rail. This is giving you extra ricochet where no angle is if you come from the side, or it throws you 180° back with double destructive (breakthrough) force.
Sticky - Instantly stops the tile when touching it, also used to make the enemy caught in rail constructions of 3 rails called "Basket".
Double Sticky (Trap Basket) - Consists of 2 Sticky Rails and one normal one. If the Enemy is inside here he loses, you too, so don*t get in by accident (like being bumped in with an enemy bouncer :P)
Block Tile - Advanced Obstacle which is indestructable and makes the game board vary each round.

This game is having one advanced move mechanic because your move range is always different. In the end of the 70ies a chess alike game named Shogun was released here which had magnetic board and tokens. When you put the token on a field the magnetism changed and in a window of the tokens anothe rnumber of move range was displayed (a disc with numbers spin'ned inside).
However you always knew the range of your next move only when you already made the move.
In Ricochet you decide your move range by the position of rails that you place on the grid.

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Do you like my Slide and crush?

This sounds interesting, but I'm not certain I understand the gameplay from the description. First off, how big is the board? How are the rail-types controlled?

Do you have rules with images? A notation system would be useful too, in case you're interested in long-distance playtesting.

Do you like my Slide and crush?

Sorry I wasn*t here the last days, we are moving :(
The ability to "Slide" is completely imaginative, it*s moving a token much like in every other boardgames, the movement rules are what gives the game the feeling that your pieces actually slide. My entire game concept rules are pictoral done in paint ;)
I will also make a board soon. The Board can be of any size to be honest, I have a rather compact size in mind.

Once I post the pictures you can better imagine the way the game is being played, but it can take yet another week or even two as we are far away from being finished with the moving. THe other house is causing a lot of work that no one thought before.

I*ll be back, promised. :)

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