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The draw of a "beer & pretzels" wargame

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As I continue to refine my "Battle for Bluntrock" design (originally workshopped in the GDW as "Expansionism"), I feel like I'll (eventually!) end up with a nice lightweight futuristic wargame.

Who do you feel would be more likely to be drawn to this type of game -- wargamers looking for something quicker/lighter for a change, or boardgamers willing to venture down the wargame road (as long as it doesn't get into "grognard" territory)?

The reason I'm asking is to help me figure out the path to take the game down for further testing/feedback, once I've firmed up the design and done my own initial testing. Would it be better to pitch it to the crowd, or the BGG/Spielfrieks/TGOO crowd?


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