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'Dungeon Hex' - Working Name

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Unhappy with the limitations of a quick, yet random, dungeon crawler type game, I've decided to make my own. This was where the idea first game from.

The game, Dungeon Hex, is a dungeon crawler reminiscent of Talisman(though I've been told it's also like Dungeoneer, but I've not had the opertunity to play it) that I've been developing for a little while now. Still in its infancy as the rules have yet to be fully fleshed and the tiles still need to be developed beyond their simple layouts.

The game would be played with 2-6 players on a modullar board made up of hexagon tiles. Each tile would contain a path or a room that would connect to each other. Each time a player attempts to move out into 'uncharted' areas, he draws a tile and places it into the area he's moving. If it cannot be placed, the tile is put aside, and the player continues to draw until a tile may fit. Afterwhich the tiles are shuffled up again. If no tile fits, then the area is considered to be a dead end and the player must move in another direction.

Other tile/cards include monsters, energy(skill/magic), traps, and equipment, each in seperate piles. Monster cards are aquired by paying PSY points, and activating them require more. Energy cards(of the player's appropriate type) are purchased for energy and then activated with more. Equipment is bought using gold at dessignated locations. Equipment will fit in one of 5 slots that will be indicated around the character sheet. 1 weapon, 1 head, 1 body, 1 foot, 1 accessory(shields for example). Only one piece of armor may be equiped at a time unless another item expands the slot.

Players have a total of 7 stats on their character sheets. Each one able to be shifted. HP(standard health), MOVE(movement points), ATK(Physical attack points), M-ATK(Magical attack points), RFLX(Reflex points), PSY(psychic points), and Energy(Skill\Mana points).
HP: Standard health bar. All players start with 15 points of health with a bar that goes up to 20
MOVE: Movement points are spent to journey across the board, different types of paths require different amounts of points
ATK: Attacking an opponent of any type uses the base stat+1d6. The difference in damage is then subtracted from a player's health.
M-ATK: Attacking an opponent of any type uses the base stat+1d6. The difference in damage is then subtracted from a player's health.
To determine which attack is used, the attacker uses the stat that is highest.
RFLX: Reflex range from 0-6. This stat is then added to the roll of 1d4. The reflex stat gives you a chance to dodge a trap placed on the field by an opponent.
PSY: Psychic energy is used to buy monster cards from the pile, summon them, and activate their abilities(in conjunction with the monster's own demand for energy). Monsters effectively act as another character for the player that will be used in game. Psy points deplete quickly, and only regenerate 1-2 per turn.
Energy: Energy points come in two forms: Skill for warrior types, and Magic for mage types. Energy is spent to purchase their respective spells, to activate them, to activate their own abilities, etc. Energy replenishes itself so much a turn like psychic points.

The goal of the game so far has not been entirely fleshed out, and neither has the place that the 'dungeon' will take place in. I have thought about making this set take place in the forest to allow for immediet expansions to branch off from there.
I've also been putting some thought into how many scenarios\play types\goal types could be included into the game.

As a base set, I do look to put alot in it, but that's because I've always found that a base set needs much material to anchor in all other expansions that may come in the future.

Please let me know what you all think. Thank you.

Please excuse any spelling and grammar errors, I've been half asleep for the past 4 or so hours now. ^_^()

-Rak(The 3'9, Canadian, anthro dragon otherwise known as Rakeesh)

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'Dungeon Hex' - Working Name

You really need to try Dungeoneer before developing this game too far. The games sound extremely similar, except that Dungeoneer uses rectangular cards instead of hexes.

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