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Educational Maths Game...

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I am curently working on a design for an educational game (the main market would be primary schools (for ages around 8 to 12).

The game is fairly simple (it iis similar to apples to apples)
Each player is delt 5 "Maths" cards. Each Math card has a number from 0 to 9, and a mathematical symbol (+,-,*,/).

The dealer turns over a "Sum" card. This card has a value on it which the players must attempt to reach using the "Maths" cards.

The Maths cards are layed out face up infront of the player to form a sum (this is where the maths symbols come in). Cards are layed out simultainiously by all players, excluding the dealer.

Scoreing is cumulative
if a player make the corect mathematical sum to reach the "Sum" card then they get +1 point.

If they finish their sum first then they get +1 point.

If they have the longest (or tied for the longest) sum then they get +1 point.

The points for the round are totaled and added to the players score. The dealership moves to the left and the next round starts.

Now my questions:
1) Is this an interesting enough game that children will want to play it?
2) Is the scoreing system fair (and will it give varied enough results to make game play interesting)
3) What ranges would you recomend for the "Sum" cards to have
4) Is 5 crads in the hand enough or would more (like 7) be3 better?
5) should the matematical symbol effect that Math card or the next Math card in the sum?
6) any other suggestions or comments.

Educational Maths Game...

Since I am not a jerk who ignores people I will at least tell you I like it

Educational Maths Game...

I design educational games for children.And I have found that children dont actually like playing a card game when it directly involves summing etc.If u could revolve the game around a theme & in a indirect way make the child do mathematical problems,they would find it more interesting.U could for example revolve the theme around shopping,where children basically are buying some products like fruits etc,so they learn maths in a fun filled way.
I have designed a game based on a maze with children attempting maths problems n moving along the maze,trying to reach the end of the maze first.When children play they enjoy doing the problems becoz they want to reach the maze.
So basically try developing some interesting goal in the game which would persuade the child to do the maths problem.
Happy designing!

Joined: 12/31/1969
Educational Maths Game...

The only "cool" math games my kids like are "24" and "Perfect Timing".
As a kid, I remember when Selchow and Righter came out with Numble (1968). It sucked. Nearly twenty years later, Pressman Toys tried to push 'Smath - another cross number game. That sucked.

I still think that Pinochle is the best way to teach kids to count. (smile)


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