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Feedback Welcome on Wrestling Promoter Dice Game

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Looking around (and I haven't been here in a while, the forums look much better and seem much more active, yay!), I *think* this is still the right place to post this, if not, my apologies and I ask it be moved accordingly.

Anyway, not a board game per se, but a dice game, and even more obscurely, which will cut most of you out, its specifically a "pro wrestling promoter dice game" created by myself and another person. Its a very "lite" game, unconcerned with specifics about wrestlers or moves but focuses on resources and a few important statistics for your promotion. There are three pages/files (rules, events chart and promoter sheet).

DiceBlash! Promote THIS!

Anyway, if anyone is at ALL interested or curious and would like to share your thoughts, questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms, complaints or any other form of sapient style of communication concerning the rules, mechanics, form or whatever, PLEASE feel free to do so, either here and/or via e-mail ( The layout and appearance itself is "as is" for now - I plan to probably PDF the thing once I streamline it and arrange things to where its all nice and pretty, etc.

Thanks in advance, just for reading this if nothing else! Good luck to everyone on their projects! -Jason (JPatt)

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