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Fight Initiative

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In my current project. "Ultimate Fighter" Players when they attack draw cards one at a time from a "Fight Initive Deck". The deck has 8 cards; 7 blank and one marked with a bix "X", the playes must try to slap down when the X is drawn. (If it is the last card, the deck is simply reshuffled and draw again). But this system seems clunky to me (Especialy since some attacks require both hands to attack.) Does anybody have any ideas? I considered flipping a die, but that too seems so dull. Thanks!

Fight Initiative

If you wish to keep it random but want people throwing cards, you could do it war style. Each player has part of a deck of cards. An eigth of the cards are marked X. Players play the top card of their part of the deck in order and place each in the center (preferably fast). Once an x is placed in the center, players slap the pile. The first to slap the x wins. If anybody slaps by accident, they are removed from the initiative but become the only person flipping cards (so no possible bias).

Or you could just flip a coin ; )

- Silverdragon0

Fight Initiative

I think I wasn't clear enough, and it seems you didn't understand what I ment, so I'll try to clearify.

The attacking player declares his/her attack, and then begins to draw cards one at a time from a special deck. The deck has 7 blank cards and 1 "X" card. When the "X" card is drawn. both players attempt to slap down on the approperite pad(s). If the attacker slaps first, the attack goes through. If the defending player slaps first, the attack is blocked, and it is his/her turn.

I like the mechanic of playing cards down (Just the attacking player has the cards), I goes with the rest of the game well. The problem is it uses both hands, or just gets in the way, trying to draw cards from the table and not get in the way of your other hand's that's going to slap. I'm going to try a custom D6 with one side that's sepcialy marked, but too me it just doesn't sound like it would fit the feel of the game at all.

Another question, more on the marketing side. What do you think of the marketability of a underground fighting theme on a game where you must slap down to settle combats. What age group do you think this would apeal too? I was thinking about 10-14 year old boys would be my target,
but would the slap mechanic apeal to that age range?

I did a search on and I got four results for games with the word "Slap" in the description, listed here with the listed ages:
Slamwitch 6 Up
Pit 7 to adult
SlapDragon 4 Up
Swap 7 Up

Is my teenage centered theme and mechanics incompatible? Or could there be apeal for a more skill+strategy oriented game rather than the popular skill+luck/risk orented games such as pokemon and yugioh?

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