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Flames of the Future

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Hey everyone,

My current game project, Flames of the Future, is coming along well and I have created both a website and forum for it! The game is set in 2025 and includes combat, diplomacy, economics, industry and production. You can play any of the nations that are in the game (list provided soon) and you have the ability to buy and/or produce military weapons/ships/aircraft etc..., develop new military/civilian technology, wage war against other nations, enter alliances, harvest resources, develop infastructure and industry and even colonize the moon...all this and much more! The map has been drawn for the game and is available to be viewed on my site.

I wont place a full description here as I am still developing a properone, as well as in-game history and it is coming along well... Please visit the site and forums on my new game: - the site, where you can also view my huge hand drawn/coloured map I mentioned in an earlier post. - the forum. The forum can be accessed through the site as well. Please become a member if you are interested in my game and any of the other topics there.



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