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Game: Children of Zeus

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Idea behind the game: Zeus has many illegitimate children with human females. Everybody playing the game is a demi-god (much like Hercules). The objective is to be the most favored bastard child of Zeus.

To become the most favored, the players must appease 4 greek gods: Ares, the god of war; Athena, goddess of the city and agriculture; Hermes, the messanger god and god of commerce/thieves; and finally Apollo, the god of music, light, truth, and healing.

At the end of the game all players will find out which god they have the least favor from, that number will be their score. Highest score wins (scoring like in tigris)

1. The player location marker can be moved only along the arrows (every player is at the same place at the same time)
2. Every turn a player gets 2 moves and 2 actions
3. Any location can only be visited once per turn
4. Only one action can be taken per location (per visit)

1. Take the specific location action
2. Help build the cities of Thebes, Corinth, Athens, and Sparta. This action can only be done at the appropriate city (i.e. Athens can only be upgraded if the location marker is at Athens). When this action is taken the player gets 1 Athena favor point. And moves the city's production up one

Location Actions:
Sparta - Take soldiers equal to (1+times upgraded)
Athens - Take ships equal to (1+times upgraded)
To Troy - Turn in any number of ship/soldier combos (1 of each) to get an Ares favor point
To Mount Olympus - Get favor point of your choice and move to location of choice (except any that have been visited this turn)
Delphi - Get an Apollo favor point
Corinth - Take Olives equal to (1+times upgraded)
Thebes - Take wine equal to (1+times upgraded)
Olympia - Turn in any number of olives/winecombos (1 of each) to get an Hermes favor point

End of Game:
The game ends after 12 turns.

Now I need to figure out a way to post my map for this

Now problems I anticipate with the game

Forgot to mention the obvious in the rules. the favor points ar hidden until the end of the game.

problems that are being anticipated:

1. I think their might be a lack of player interaction which will make the game uninteresting.

2. A fixed knowledge of when the game will end.

3. Some of the favor points will be much easier to get like Athena over Apollo

4. Afraid in a 2 player game the player might get into a stand-off very quickly to not let the other player get one type of favor point (which would make the game stupid)

Possible Remedies to the above

1. Develope a system where each player can exert influence over a city either through inter-greece war or benevolence.

2. Have a set number of favor points from each god and when they are out or 12 turns pass the game would be over.

3. This is a balance issue that will have to be looked at after some playing

4. Same as 3


Game: Children of Zeus

You can upload the map under downloads (i think)

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Re: Game: Children of Zeus

DrMayhem wrote:
Now I need to figure out a way to post my map for this

Click on "Your Account" at the top of the page ... then on "My Download" from there ...


Game: Children of Zeus
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