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Game Design Lists

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Way to go guys! Now I’ve had to start a special ‘Game Design Fundamentals’ directory on my PC where I can save links to all the great lists that are appearing here at BGDF lately.

Basically, these are all intended to be concise lists that are useful for quick reference - as opposed to more detailed discussions and such. (Or at least they all started out as just a list.) Hmmm... Maybe something like this could be our counterpart to BGG’s game lists.

FWIW, this is what’s in that directory so far:

Game Design Books

Game Traps

How to Improve Replayability in a Game

Purpose of a Game Board

Sources of tension

The nine structural subsystems of any game

Ways to reduce game length

And here’s one from Tom Vasel’s site:

Tom and Joe's Definitive 33 Tabletop Game Categories

I should have done this a long time ago. There must be a whole bunch of recent and older lists just from BGDF alone that I’ve missed.

So please feel free to help out by adding links to your own favorite Game Design Lists. If anyone wants to start a similar thread at the Game Production and/or Game Publication forums, I could contribute a couple of links to that effort too.

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